House style implementation according to the Cornelissen Standard

Get acquainted with the highest quality and service for the design and implementation of entire house style projects.

House style implementation

Consultancy on and the design, production, implementation and supervision of house style projects


Equipping fleets of vehicles and mobile equipment with texts, images and/or house style expressions

Columns, panels, boards

Design, production and installation of materials


Assessment of existing expressions and consultancy regarding the best solutions

Specials & Services

Consultancy on and support and service for additional wishes or special materials


Consultancy on and the design, production and mounting of materials for clear routing

Facade advertising and illuminated signs

Tailor-made solutions, consultancy on and the provision and mounting of effective facade advertising and illuminated signs


Organisation, scheduling and the implementation of (large) house style projects

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding

For companies and organisations

House style and re-styling projects

Indoors and out

Fleets, facade advertising and illuminated signs, columns and signposting

Signposting, layout, boards, panels, reception logos

In the Netherlands and other European countries

Project management

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According to our own quality standard.

The Cornelissen Standard.
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Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding
Agrobaan 6
5813 EB Ysselsteyn (Limburg)

The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)478 - 541 254



Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding • Agrobaan 6 • 5813 EB Ysselsteyn (Limburg) • T: +31 (0)478 - 541 254 •