Our office is closed during the holidays

We are approaching the end of 2020, a year we certainly will remember!

And a year in which we were once again able to perform attractive assignments and total solutions.
We thank you for your trust and pleasant cooperation. We look forward to see eachother again in 2021.

As usual we take a short break. We close our company from December 21st 2020 till January 3rd 2021.

From 4 January 2021 we are happy to be of service again.
We wish you happy holidays and a healthy and successful 2021.

Joost and Paul Cornelissen and employees

The summer vacation has arrived

The summer vacation has arrived. Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding will be closed from July 27 and August 16, 2020.

In case of any urgent orders, the delivery or materials or projects that have to be executed in the coming period, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss possibilities, planning and delivery dates with you.

As from August 17th 2020 we will be pleased to service you again according to our known high quality standards.

In the meantime we wish you a beautiful, sunny and relaxed summer.

A corporate identity implementation for 25 locations and 245 vehicles

Switching to a new corporate identity takes time, investment and overview. A process in which companies can use the experience and support of Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding (CP)

In collaboration with the Communication and Fleet departments of hygiene and clothing specialist CWS, CP initiated a major corporate identity implementation.  25 locations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were provided with a new look and feel.

After a thorough inventory by CP, the corporate identity applications were produced. Subsequently, signage (inside and outside), facade advertising, work instructions and lettering could be applied at the various locations.  Also the fleet of 245 vehicles got the new branding. The result: a new, fresh look for CWS.

A total solution for Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

For the second largest brewery in the Netherlands; Royal Swinkels Family Brewers (formerly Bavaria), Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding has implemented the completely renewed house style at the head office in Lieshout.

The process started with determining the colors for the interior. Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding provided test sheets for the Communication department of Swinkels Family Brewers. That way the departement could immediately assess the effects of colors and images. After the choices were made, Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding started the implementation. The various expressions were first listed. After that, the old ones were disassembled.

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding produced and then made the new expressions. For example, walls were completely covered in taupe and the windows in the meeting rooms were provided with one-way vision to guarantee the privacy in these rooms. The walls in the meeting rooms were provided with visuals and in addition both of the signposting outside and inside was renewed.

Curious for more images of this total solution? Then take a look at our portfolio.

Unity between four different locations

School community IVO Deurne consists of four secondary schools at different locations. A good presentation of the house style at every location ensures visible unity.

After the IVO Deurne school community opted for a new logo, Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding came to do an inventory. After that they removed the old exterior decoration, facade lettering and signposting.

The new expressions were also produced and assembled by Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding. The unity between the Hub van Doorncollege, Peellandcollege, Sprongcollege and Alfrinkcollege is  clearly visible, now and in the future.

A homely and warm atmosphere is good for every patient

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding is regularly approached by healthcare institutions for the implementation of a (renewed) corporate identity in the exterior and the restyling of the interior. After all, a homely and warm atmosphere works well for every patient.

With a few simple interventions, a space can already look very different. A good example is a project in which Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding added a special foil in 200 bathrooms at 7 locations. The different colors not only bring atmosphere, they also make clear where, for example, the light switch is. The film is applied according, the guidelines of the BOV standard.

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding realized total solutions for various healthcare organizations. You can view this in our Total Solutions portfolio.

International project management

For an international food company Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding was responsible for the project management and implementation of the corporate identity at 15 sites in several European countries. The buildings were given a new façade signage. The signage was renewed inside and outside the buildings and brought into line with new the corporate identity guidelines. The fleet, consisting of about 70 trucks and trailers, was given a new look.

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding was a consultant and project manager, took care of the production and mounting of all components and for monitoring the time schedule. The entire project was completed within three months.

The Cornelissen-Standard on new website

End of 2016 Cornelissen Project launched a new website. On the site, visitors can get acquainted with the Cornelissen-Standard.

The site informs about:

– the Cornelissen-Standard,

– the way Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding works

– the range of goods and services


– gives an impression of ​​the various projects

18 locations in a new look

For an advertising campaign of a health care Insurance company Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding changed 18 locations into a new look. The process of inventory, production and implementation took two days to complete.

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