The Cornelissen Standard

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding is very good at implementing house styles. The company conceptualises, produces and installs various types of house style media. Our aim is to make the solutions as visible, recognisable and workable as possible.

We work according to the Cornelissen Standard: our own quality standard for working methods, finishing and service.

We thereby base ourselves on the highest requirements whether it comes to our choice of materials, reliability or commitment.

An important part of the Cornelissen Standard is our service level. We don’t know the term impossible. If necessary, our working weeks can be 7 days in length.

We are convinced that our Cornelissen Standard meets our clients’ main desire: straight talk, perfect finishing and the certainty of (timely) delivery.

The Cornelissen Standard: the highest quality and service for the design and implementation of entire house style projects.

That’s how we do it.

Our history

Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding is a family firm that was founded in 1990 by Henk Cornelissen. The company specialised in spray-painting vehicle fleets for restyling purposes.
The work slowly expanded, making Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding a specialist in finding solutions to complex house style expressions in, on and outside buildings. Since its founding, Cornelissen Projectbegeleiding has been characterised by constant, controlled growth. The immense knowledge and experience amassed has been entrusted to Joost Cornelissen (managing director) and Paul Cornelissen (commercial director).

Our team

The Cornelissen team consists of enthusiastic, committed and reliable young professionals.
Our clients can rely on the highest quality and service.
We work according to our own, stringent quality standard known as the Cornelissen Standard.
We think in solutions and ensure our clients are satisfied.
That is our drive. Every day of the week.

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